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Brooks Koepka Reads Mean Tweets and Hilariously Reacts - Golf Comedy Gold


Watch Brooks Koepka tackle some of the funniest mean tweets about himself!  Ever wondered how golf champs react to online trolls? Brooks does it with humor and grace. This is a must-watch for a good laugh and a glimpse into his lighter side.

Hit play and enjoy!  Drop your favorite reaction in the comments!  Follow @MrTopesGolf for more golf fun and behind-the-scenes action. Share this with a friend who needs a laugh!

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Cred: @smashgc @bkoepka

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Golfer vs. Rottweiler: Hilarious Chase for a Titleist Pro V1!

A golfer’s passion knows no bounds! Watch this wild video as one brave golfer leaps a fence to retrieve his precious Titleist Pro V1 golf ball from a private backyard, only to be greeted by an unexpected guest—a massive, unfriendly Rottweiler!  Will he make it out unscathed? What would you do in this situation? ? Follow [...]

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When Babysitting Ruins Your Golf Game: Hilarious Golf Fail!

Laughter on the Green! Watch as our buddy's plans for a perfect round of golf take a hilarious detour when he's left to babysit his energetic kids. Can you relate? Tag a friend who's been in the same spot! Follow @MrTopesGolf for more golf laughs and tips. Visit our site for the best deals on golf [...]

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Golf Addict in Trouble: Wife Hilariously Reacts to Another Tee Time Booking!

When your love for golf gets you into trouble... again! Watch the hilarious moment my wife overhears me scheduling yet another tee time, and she is NOT pleased! Will I survive this one? Tune in to find out!  Don't forget to tag a friend who’s always in golf trouble! Follow us for more funny golf moments [...]

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Learn the USGA Rule: Teeing Up Outside the Tee Off Area Explained!

Learn what happens when you tee up outside the tee off area according to USGA rules! Watch this quick tip to avoid penalties and keep your game strong. Tap to watch the full Reel and level up your golf knowledge! Don't forget to tag a friend who needs to see this and follow us for more [...]

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Will He Sink the Putt? Wedding Group Shouts During Golf Attempt!

Get ready for some hilarious golf action! Watch as a huge wedding group decides to shout during my cousin's putt attempt on the 18th green. Can he stay focused and sink the putt amidst all the chaos? Tune in to find out and don’t forget to follow us for more funny golf moments!Tag a friend who [...]

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Cocktail-fueled Round of Golf: Hilarious On-Course Moment!

Swing Lube Alert! Watch this hilarious moment as our funny guy finds that a little cocktail ‘swing lube’ is just what he needs to get going on the golf course!Hit Play for a good laugh and see how a little liquid courage can sometimes make all the difference! Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and FOLLOW [...]

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Accidentally Hit Your Ball During a Practice Swing? Here's What You Do!

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Carnival Ride Accident Ruins Golfer's Game - Must Watch!

Laughter is guaranteed with this one! Watch as a young mother unintentionally bumps her son's head on a carnival ride, and find out how this funny mishap leads to some long-lasting struggles with his golf game. Perfect for golf lovers and anyone in need of a good chuckle! Tag your friends who could use a smile [...]

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Shocking! Golfer Plays with Shorts Down Butt-out. would you play with this guy?

Would You Play with This Guy?  Golf is a game of focus and finesse, but sometimes you encounter the unexpected. Watch this hilarious moment caught on camera when a golfer realizes his playing partner's shorts are down around his ankles! Would you keep your cool or lose your swing? Comment below! Have a laugh, tag a [...]

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